The Grazie

Transformation of a B2B business into a B2C Business using ecommerce.

Frontend design | Theme Customization | Backend development | App Integration | Data Analysis and Management | Quality Assurance | Consulting and Deployment

Blue Ocean Global is a leading Master Distribution House with global footprint representing International brands in over 40 countries. Their strength lies in operational excellence and strategic understanding of business across multiple geographies. In short, they were a pure play B2B business. Wanting to ride the e commerce wave, the brand wanted to explore a foray into the B2C domain. The brand approached Kloc to help create and launch The Grazie, an ecommerce store featuring all of Blue Ocean’s brands.

The Goal

Creating a responsive design for a rich customer experience across all devices (Desktop/Tablet/Mobile)

The brand wanted to focus on creating A plus content (Enhanced brand content). This is a powerful tool for online retailers to captivate customers, differentiate their brand, and drive sales in a digital shopping landscape. By enriching product listings with multimedia elements such as images, videos, and informative text, A plus content enhances the customer experience, boosts conversion rates, and builds brand loyalty.

While focussing on showcasing rich content, the brand also wanted to introduce additional functionality like preset bestsellers bundles, reviews only for verified customers and the feasibility of displaying low stock alerts on all products.

In order to provide a rich shopping experience, we undertook custom coding to show the right banner images to the right audience based on a URL parameter. This addressed a sticky problem where app based translations could translate text but not banners. We also used custom libraries to create sliders for which the chosen theme had limitations. This not only accomplished the desired effect but also helped the merchant manage their image assets more efficiently.

We also had to query inventory using custom coding and display out of stock / low stock messages to avoid customer dissatisfaction.

With their B2B past, Blue Ocean wanted to increase AOVs by selling more bundles than individual products. Boosting average order values (AOV) through strategic bundling involves understanding customer preferences, creating value oriented packages, and implementing tiered pricing strategies.

KLoc came up with the right solution to showcase bundles and also manage inventory using the right application. We regularly monitored the performance and made adjustments based on customer feedback for optimizing bundling strategies and ensuring long-term effectiveness in driving higher AOV.

We laid a lot of emphasis on designing features and functionalities to promote the brand’s product and pricing strategy. Creating a separate CLEARANCE tab to help liquidate stocks made complete sense. The brand was also advised to focus on featured collections for bundles and unboxed items to promote discovery.

All of this was tied together by creating a Mega Menu and clear navigation hierarchy to guide customers to the right products effortlessly.

The Outcome

We managed to create a website for Blue Ocean Global which catered to a very wide range of audiences across the UAE. With our smart solutioning like reselling open boxes and clubbing complementary products into special bundles, we managed to help the brand create a profitable online business.

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