we offer.

We offer services that can broadly be classified into three categories: projects, products and people.

We’re not just another agency-we’re your digital co-conspirators.

Our core competencies


Kloc is more than a web agency. We’re digital alchemists, transforming brands like Jashanmal and Lotus Herbals into e-commerce legends. Beyond crafting stellar sites, our marketing mavericks employ pioneering strategies—from social media to WhatsApp—to catapult your presence. Your success is our tailor-made mission.


Crafting cool Shopify apps using the potent magic of Ruby on Rails and the dynamic MERN stack, we’re your digital conjurers. Passionate creatives, we breathe life into your wildest ideas while fueling your growth backstage. Challenge accepted.


Navigating the tech talent maze? KLoc simplifies it with precision-tailored staff augmentation. From giants like nVIDIA to vibrant startups, we’ve empowered all. With our hand-picked professionals and flexible staffing solutions, you soar while staying focused on your business epicenter.

Looking for a team that crafts digital marvels?

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