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eWards enables businesses to manage customer interactions through physical and digital touchpoints to deliver personalized experiences that drive brand loyalty and increase revenue. It helps to accomplish the customer experience programs which are run by businesses through a combination of software, analytics, consulting, and data-management systems. KLoc has partnered with eWards to develop the middleware for e-commerce channels like Shopify and WooCommerce. Based on eWard’s coupon monetary value, our app helps create Shopify discount codes which get applied on checkout.

  • Shopify Apps


This app integrates your store with an omnichannel loyalty platform that works with a mobile number. MLoyal Made Simple is your bridge to a seamless omnichannel loyalty solution that works across your brick-and-mortar stores and online store(s). This app connects a merchant’s store with Paytm m’Loyal platform, which includes rewards through points and coupons, loyalty program management, and of course easy redemption and earning of points using the customer’s mobile number. It is also equipped with rich analytics to provide insights for designing your strategies.

  • Shopify Apps

OCS (Overseas Courier Service)

A Shopify App that integrates OCS with Shopify Stores to help merchants create shipments and fulfill orders. The app allows merchants to create shipments on OCS, manage fulfilments on Shopify, print airway bills, labels and update transactions on Shopify. Merchants also have a dashboard to view analytics of delivery performance and generate reports.

  • Shopify Apps

Inventory Tracking Made Simple

A Shopify App that alerts merchants when inventory is low in stock. The app also has a dashboard with reports to view low stock inventory analysis in detail in case the merchants missed their email alerts.

  • Shopify Apps

SmokingCat Products Sync App

A Shopify app which serves as a middleware solution designed to facilitate the synchronization of product prices and inventory between Shopify and an ERP system known as Odoo. This application operates by establishing connections and matching Shopify products with corresponding ERP products, utilizing specific criteria related to price and inventory quantity. Once these conditions are met, the app automatically initiates the synchronization process.

  • Shopify Apps

Diyva Conversational AI (Middleware Shopify App)

KLoc collaborated with DIYVA to build the Shopify app. DIYVA is an AI chatbot that integrates engaging voice based dialogs and survey chatbots for customers. Merchants can gather customer satisfaction scores, product reviews, and questionnaires on any topic on this app. Voice provides a frictionless and easy interface for customers to quickly provide their opinions about a merchant’s store.

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