Itsy Bitsy

Replatforming-Magento to Shopify.

Front End Design and Development/Backend Development using Shopify Liquid/Javascript/HTML/CSS/Ajax

Itsy Bitsy is India’s biggest retailer for art and craft supplies with more than 10,000 products in their retail and online stores. Their primary focus was on offline retail with more than 20 stores in prime locations across India. The brand has an extremely loyal customer base which was very accustomed to shopping from their offline stores . Their first ecommerce store was built on Magento which was not delivering an optimal and robust online shopping experience. When they came to Kloc they were seeking was a mobile rich experience shopping website. As their merchandise was getting enhanced significantly, efficiency in inventory and order management system was also crucial. In short, the client wanted to migrate from Magento to a more suitable platform.

The Goal

To create a modern, easy to navigate robust ecommerce store

Our main task was to identify a platform where the existing store could be migrated to.

The primary focus needed to be on creating a mobile shopping experience that would help push sales and better user engagement. Once the UI/UX design is implemented, the next step would be to identify a combination of ready/custom apps which could help enhance overall functionality of the new website.

KLoc came up with a blueprint that would enable Itsy Bitsy to manage a complex ecommerce operation using a single brand platform like Shopify.

The core purpose of the project was to create a better mobile experience and hence our design team put in a lot of effort of designing an optimum mobile interface.

We identified bundling as a big opportunity for the brand and hence customised an existing tool to offer discounts as an incentive to increase sales.

Considering a majority of their customers were repeat buyers, seamless integration of their loyalty program with the Shopify store was critical and we managed it with utmost care.

Problem Solving

CRO techniques

Prior to Shopify migration, the site was experiencing some serious cart abandonment issues and hence poor conversion rates. We needed to fix this and hence came up with techniques to resolve it.

Itsy Bitsy wanted to enable live interaction with customers for quick solutioning and resolving queries. The need for chatbots as a support feature on ecommerce websites cannot be emphasized enough. We identified an appropriate Chatbot tool available as a plugin on Shopify and customised the same for the brand.

Our team also used advanced CRO techniques to help reduce cart abandonments. From analyzing data and tracking visitor behavior to testing page loading speed, we did it all to identify where the site snags existed and fixed them.

What works for one store is not guaranteed to work for another, which is why setting clear goals, digging into the day, doing the research, and being willing to experiment is the only real solution to CRO.

Custom Development

To overcome Cash On Delivery challenges

Cash on delivery (COD) can be problematic feature for e-commerce businesses due to the risk of fraudulent orders. Verifying the authenticity of COD orders can be challenging, as there’s no upfront payment to confirm a customer’s commitment. This fraud risk underscores the need for robust order verification and customer authentication measures to mitigate potential losses while offering COD as a payment option.

We wanted to de-risk the client’s online business from this menace and hence decided to develop a custom app on Ruby on Rails for order confirmation. This app helped reduce fake orders significantly and hence protect the brand’s ecommerce ROI.

Design Decisions

Best Showcase of Product

In order to best celebrate the product, we took several design decisions:

  • We created a Mega Menu to ease navigation and showcase all the products under one fold.This helped improve navigation, user experience, and discoverability while boosting sales and customer engagement.
  • Project based product merchandising options were created where all the components could be added to cart at one go. This feature helped improve cross selling and upselling. We invested heavily on category based landing pages for specific campaigns. Landing pages helped bring focus on relevant occasion based selling.

The Outcome

Collaborating with KLoc resulted in the creation of a robust ecommerce engine for Itsy Bitsy. Kloc is always proud to associate with brands who not only want to achieve online greatness, but also impact lives and livelihoods. Itsy Bitsy holds a special place in our repertoire of clients for this very reason. Over and above remarkably better customer engagement we managed to:

Growth Metrics (2022 - 2023)


Reduced cart abandonment


Increased site visits


Increased conversion rate

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