Geekay Bikes

Replatforming from Wordpress to Shopify and helping Geekay bikes scale their online business and reach newer markets.

Front End Design/Back End Development/UI/UX Design/Integration/Business Solutioning

Geekay Bikes is a global company with its manufacturing base in India, creating high quality performance bicycles for the world since 1961. They are also pioneers of eco-conversion technology which enables transforming any regular bicycle to an e-bike. Before they came to us, the brand was selling online through a Woocommerce store. They wanted us to help them move to a better platform, create immersive experiences for their products and expand their reach into international markets seamlessly.

The Goal

Migrate to a more robust and stable ecommerce platform

Choosing the right platform for a brand’s ecommerce journey is very crucial. This decision relies heavily on the main objectives of creating an online store.

The brand wanted us to come up with very innovative ways of presenting information to all kinds of potential buyers-from absolute rookies to seasoned cyclists. While enabling sales was important, product appreciation was most crucial.

Other big objectives of the project were to increase website speed and conversion rate. The team had challenges with respect to being able to seamlessly manage woocommerce backend and hence wanted a solution which was easy to manage and maintain.

The Solution

Migration from Woocommerce to Shopify

Shopify’s combination of user-friendly design tools, customizable themes, app integrations, performance, scalability, and support make it an excellent choice for brands that want to create a robust e-commerce platform with immersive design experiences that captivate their audience. Its intuitive interface empowers users to effortlessly manage their online stores without technical complexity.

First thing we did was to create landing pages for different types of products to optimize performance and also empower the brand to showcase rich information. This approach enhanced engagement, navigation, and conversion rates as visitors found targeted information quickly. We also ensured that there was unlimited bandwidth and storage for the diverse catalogue without any impact on speed and performance.

Creating “contextual” landing pages provides the flexibility to add the right content at the right place. It does not restrict merchants to one fixed way of showing information. This proved to be very useful while documenting the features of say an e-bike. It also provided the brand with an opportunity to use multimedia in sections – text, images, videos for better engagement.

The importance of adding CTA’s and add to cart buttons at various parts of an ecommerce website cannot be emphasised upon enough. This simple solutioning also contributed to higher sales for the brand post migration to Shopify.

The goal of every ecommerce website should be to make it easy for customers to purchase a product. By adding CTA’s on the home, collection, and product pages you can offer multiple ways of checking out quickly. This is a well known CRO technique. Many websites do not deploy ADD TO CART button in the collection pages which is a huge mistake.

A Thoughtful Approach

Managing Infrastructure

The biggest bottleneck for Geekaybikes while using WooCommerce was the heavy dependence on infrastructure. For WooCommerce to function flawlessly and handle scale,they had to constantly upgrade the infrastructure. Moving to a HOSTED PLATFORM like Shopify took the guesswork out of infrastructure. Most businesses save at least 30% on their infrastructure costs by moving to Shopify as they don’t have to pay for extra storage,bandwidth or computing power. They also save on manpower as they don’t need system admins and devops engineers. Shopify allowed them to scale the business as it is built on a large network of high quality auto-scaling servers across the world.

Technical & Design Decisions

Choice of Applications, Features and Design Elements

Geekaybikes was using various custom applications for their ecommerce operations. By moving to Shopify, they were assured of having well documented and actively maintained APis and Webhooks that allowed them to integrate with third party systems.

We incorporated a quick product finder on homepage to enable accurate recommendations for customers. We also used tabbed panels to display a lot of information in a limited space. Another critical feature was intuitive NAVIGATION by slicing and dicing the catalog in multiple ways.

  • Shop by Category
  • Shop by Budget
  • Shop by Size
  • Another

The Outcome

We managed to create an information rich, high converting, secure, scalable website that can handle high volumes of traffic and checkouts. The new site aided excellent online information delivery mechanisms to help customers find what they are looking for effortlessly.

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