People-First SEO .

More exposure. More customers. More milestones to celebrate. 

SEO Strategy as unique as your business.

In a world of noise, our SEO is not just a plan; it’s a manifesto propelling your business to disrupt, dazzle, and dominate. Our strategy has only one game plan: Your journey to the top.

We help clicks seamlessly convert into sales revenue.

Being HubSpot Academy SEO certified means our team has undergone rigorous training and has proven their proficiency in the latest and most effective SEO strategies. Every strategy, every move is backed by a wealth of knowledge that ensures not just capability but mastery.

What we do.

Keyword Research

We meticulously analyze search patterns, identifying high-impact keywords to optimize your content effectively.

Business Directories

From Google My Business to industry-specific platforms, our approach is geared towards elevating your brand’s visibility and credibility.

Onsite Optimizations

We meticulously optimise webpages and content for search engines and users.

Tag Implementation

From header tags to meta tags, we leave no stone unturned in maximizing your site’s potential.

Content Creation

Drive engagement and establish authority with our expertly crafted content creation.

Backlink Building

Our backlink-building strategies prioritize quality over quantity focusing on high-authority links.

Why Kloc ?

Our team crafts digital marvels, merging cutting-edge tech with aesthetic brilliance. Each website, rigorously refined, promises impeccable functionality and a great user journey.

Whether you're beating them or they're beating you, this analysis is a valuable tool for anyone looking to stay ahead of the competition
We focus on sustainable strategies that consistently elevate your digital presence and deliver enduring results.
We provide clear and comprehensive views of our strategies, progress and results.

Our recent projects.

What our clients say.

Although precise metrics are immeasurable due to different circumstances, Kloc Technologies is able to complete their tasks accurately. The general reception for the website’s design has also been positive. The team’s biggest impact lies in their ability to accomplish work quickly.

Sandra Messier
Founder, Raw Nutritional

The client had a great partnership with Kloc Technologies as customizations were successfully implemented. The team was responsive and flexible when executing changes to the site. Ultimately, the client was impressed with the speed of Kloc Technologies’ work.

Axel Prevot
CEO, Dose Mindcare

They’ve been consistently following the client’s instructions and brings their visions to life. Kloc Technologies responsiveness and patience have proven to be strengths in the engagement. Moreover, their insights have also been valuable. They’re a team that can pivot when needed.

Tess Coffey
Senior Manager, Select Style

The results of the engagement have met the needs and expectations of both the internal team and the external stakeholders. Kloc Technologies delivered a highly-optimized platform, and the client is particularly impressed with the vendors hands-on approach.

Abhishek Singh
Catalyst, Core Superfoods

While the development is still ongoing, Kloc Technologies thus far has solved all complex challenges effectively and promptly. The team regularly holds weekly meetings to discuss milestones, pending tasks, and progress. Above all, their professionalism and solution-driven approach are notable.

Mustafa Ahmed
Division Manager, Blue Ocean Global

Kloc Technologies delivered a stable website that showed no signs of bugs and issues. Additionally, the product handled higher traffic rates and was well-received by the end users as a result. The team was organized and delivered solutions quickly.

Chethan Kumar
Head of Ecommerce, Itsy Bitsy

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