Sennheiser Turkey


Sennheiser Turkey


  • The homepage had to include elements needed to have a strong resemblance to the global website.
  • The layout was created keeping future maintenance in mind. Every element was built with the ability to change the content from the theme editor.
  • The homepage displayed the three main categories and provided links to “special landing pages”
  • Each landing page was meticulously designed to show visual representations (icons) of the product sub-categories as well as stunning visuals to attract the website visitors.


Plus desktop device
Plus desktop device

Listing Page

The listing page in Sennheiser’s site was a departure from the usual.

  • It included an attractive banner on top.
  • A horizontal filter /sorting mechanism to refine products
  • CRO: A handy way to add a product to cart.
  • Breadcrumbs to help the users find their way back to the landing page
  • USPs of the brand to remind the user why shopping from the Sennheiser store guarantees them a frictionless, secure shopping experience.

Single Product

Sennheiser Turkey’s product page was designed keeping the mobile phone user in mind. In addition, it required multiple templates to cater to different types of products.

  • Slider for the product images
  • Large imagery so as not to miss the details
  • A special template to capture all the details of the product neatly laid out with visuals in a scrollable format
  • Related products to quickly jump to similar productss
Plus desktop device