Black Friday & Cyber Monday are just around the corner. It is time to hang in there tight, Inorder to get the desired outcomes one needs to set a high benchmark in terms of preparations. 

Black Friday, One of the biggest sales events of the year for both e-store owners & consumers. This year, It will be even bigger than the previous years due to several reasons such as

 Let’s focus on some of the personalization tips to make the best out of thing omnichannel event-Blue (cyber) Monday & Black Friday.

Be a catchy face

Set up a festive mood in your store by making the theme & the background that reflects the festive spirit. Synchronized arrangement of products just like an offline store is one of the best ways to keep customers engaged.

Offer Different services or products every day 

Let there be more exciting and distinct offers shared across each day of the week to attract more customers and keep them glued to the store. The tip is to start with the best offers on day 1 and improve it as we go on.

Discount old inventory

 It is that time of the year, where the store owners can clear their old stocks stacked up on their inventories. Announce a wide clearance sale on all the products with a designated section showcasing all the clearance sale products. This will result in higher sales and also reducing inventory levels.

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