You need:

1. An active account with Paytm Mloyal.com – the omnichannel loyalty solution that powers some of India’s biggest brands.

2. A Shopify Store with a paid plan.

3. The API URL, Userid, and Password provided by Paytm MLoyal team.

4. An Indian mobile number that has SMS facility and has been credited points to test the integration.

5. Complete account setup in Paytm MLoyal with the points value, names of customers and their starting points credit, phone numbers and other key data required to earn and redeem points.

6. Collaborator access to shopifyexpert@kloctechnologies.com to integrate the snippet that will enable your store to use the Paytm MLoyal solution. We do a free manual install to ensure that it is seamlessly integrated into your store. For Plus Merchants, we integrate it into Checkout and for non-Plus merchants, we integrate it into the cart page. If you prefer to install the snippet on your own, please see the instructions below.

Our team has created a simple workflow as per the Paytm MLoyal loyalty product. Here are the steps.

1. Your user need not login to earn or redeem points.

They can shop for products in the store and easily redeem points using their mobile number.

2. In the cart page / checkout page – they will be presented with a widget where they will be asked to enter their PHONE NUMBER that is linked to the store’s loyalty program.

3. If they have shopped from the Shopify store or a brick-and-mortar branch of the brand before they would have earned points.

4. Once the phone number is validated, Paytm MLoyal will return the POINTS BALANCE available for that end user based on the phone number used.

5. Next, the user needs to enter the number of points he/she wants to redeem.

6. Once, the points to be redeemed are validated by the system (to see if it legitimate and meets all the criteria configured by the brand in Paytm MLoyal), a coupon code will be created in Shopify that equals the value of the points redeemed.

7. This is applied to the user’s checkout.

8. A SMS is sent to the user’s number once the redemption is successful.

The Shopify App will reverse the points if the order is cancelled.

You could contact brand’s customer support and they can easily reverse the points for you after validating the data you provide. They will need your phone number and the number of points you tried to redeem. This data is available in the loyalty platform and can be checked and reversed as needed.

For the Shopify part of the installation, please contact shopifyexpert@kloctechnologies.com. For any queries regarding the setup on the Paytm MLoyal platform, please visit https://paytmmloyal.com.

When you no longer need this application, please contact shopifyexpert@kloctechnologies.com for a clean uninstall of the app and the frontend widget. Further, we will delete any transactional or other data stored on servers administered by KLoc Technologies Pvt Ltd within 30  business days of your uninstallation.

We store the following types of data on a secure cloud-based storage facility. This data is secure and is only accessible by select technical personnel who are bound by agreements to protect the integrity of the data.

1. Configuration Settings

2. Integration Settings

3. Shop URL

4. Shop Password

5. Mobile Number

6. Order ID

7. Bill Reference Number