LINA Made Simple FAQ


Yes this app works on all Shopify stores irrespective of plan or geography. 

All you need is a paid Shopify Plan.

Am I at any risk of losing any data?

No way. We operate outside your Shopify store and just interact with the store to query data. We do not alter any data in the Shopify store. We do not touch the front end theme either. 

What modifications does the app do when I install it on my store?

It doesn’t do any modifications to your store or data. The app is hosted outside the Shopify ecosystem and uses product and orders data to keep track of inventory levels at a variant level.

How does the LINA Made Simple work?

As a merchant you have to do the following:

  • Install the app or seek support from us do it for you
  • Set up the configuration parameters such as Shopify URL, global threshold, alert frequency and primary notification recipient.
  • You can set up multiple recipients for the low stock alerts if you have team members who need to be notified about inventory levels.
  • If you wish, you can also upload a CSV specifying the low stock threshold for each variant in your store.

Can multiple team members be notified regarding stock levels dipping below the threshold?

Yes – we have provided the ability to specify multiple email recipients for the alerts.

Can I access the low inventory notification report in case I accidentally delete the email?

Yes. We have provided a report panel where you can specify a date range and then display the reports available. You could download any report you have missed.

What happens if I do not set variant level thresholds?

If you do not set variant specific low stock thresholds, the global low-stock threshold will be used by the application.

What is the frequency of the report?

You can set an alert frequency in the configuration panel to suit your business. It can run every 60 minutes or 120 minutes or whatever you deem appropriate.