Christmas the holiday full of joy, happiness, and gifts and do you know what gifts mean for us marketeers well it clearly means shopping and in this pandemic, time going to the markets is not exactly buyers first choice so the next best option for buys/consumers is online shopping. E-comm has already paved its way in a lot of consumers heart and there is a lot of competition in e-commerce during this busy Christmas but all you want is everybody’s eyes on your website, well it’s easier said than done so the best thing to make them look your way is by…….

Well, every website has more or less the same products but the thing that attracts the customers is the vibe your website gives. This means giving your website the perfect Christmas look with all the bells and stuff because the theme of your website is a primal part of making your website look interesting and attracts customers along with it.

Everybody knows that Christmas means gifts, a whole lot of them. You must be thinking that these are just consumers we don’t know them, why would we give them presents? But that’s where you are wrong because giving them gifts shows that you care about them which can later result in years of profits on our side with an increasing number of loyal customers.

Well, suppose you made the best website there is with attractive offers but that won’t increase the customers by significant numbers, do you know why? Well because if people don’t know about your website, they won’t know about your website and what you have to offer them, and the best way to let them know about you is by different marketing campaigns on social media, through emails, and eye-catching videos.  If your reach is big the number of potential customers is also big.

Well, I’ve already told you about the way your website should look but it’s not the only thing the packaging matters too. If you’re doing giving the product with a Christmas theme packaging it may give your customers a positive perception about your company which will earn you a lot of positive feedbacks ad give a whole new level of satisfaction to both company and consumers sending you in the long race of buying and selling. Hence, gift-wrapping the package will give a beneficial outcome.

Well, there’s always this old-school way which always works to boost your sale which happens to be called a discount. Do you know that discounts have been an effective part of buying and selling tradition long before we were born? It’s a simple and a fair method in which we decrease our prices but increase our sales by a significant number and giving a great percentage of discount on Christmas will definitely drive customers your way giving you a possible chance of overtaking a lot of other companies.

If you’ve read our previous blog about the importance of positive feedback and how to get it, I guess we don’t need to tell you that again but I would say that feedback is the way by which you can earn a lot of customers or loose because the feedback is the things that give a fresh perspective about you to the customers looking to buy from you. So, getting positive feedback will play a great part in the festivities like Christmas new year, and many more to come.

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