With the ever-increasing competition for the upcoming Black Friday Cyber Monday, retailers are pushing themselves hard to attract new customers and boost up their sales but only the smart ones have taken up this strategy that Indeed, new buyers are important but it is equally significant to keep the existing ones happy. This not only builds the goodwill of the store but also contributes a major portion of sales. Here are some tips to ponder on.

Everyone likes freebies, and the holiday season is all about giving and receiving. Send them freebies like their favorite playlist, a ticket to see a movie, coupons, their favorite bottle of wine, customized mug, hamper, shirt or notebook, or offer a free month of service the following year.

Contrary to the belief that ‘thank you’ notes are old-fashioned and out-dated, it’s still as effective as ever. It adds some personal touch.
This Festival go out of your way and write a thank you note to a customer. Include personal greetings along with the customer’s name, Be clear about why you’re thanking them (loyal service, purchase of a product, or simply referring a friend to you), Leave your business card out, remember, it’s about them and not you.
You could decide to write a blog post dedicated to the customer, or include a shout out to them in your email newsletter or on social media. Post their picture on your page, write a bio or a case study. Surprise a highly engaged customer with a free product and watch their reaction.

Depending on your business, you may be able to offer a value-added service or resource. It needn’t be anything big, just as long as it adds value to the customer experience. Maybe a complimentary tutorial, webinar, or even a trial session of something new you’re adding to your service roster could express your gratitude for their loyalty.

Did you know that it costs five times as much to land a new customer as it does to keep an existing one? Hence, this festive season, delight your customers and turn them to be loyal and repeat customers.

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