WhatsApp Ecommerce – Ally or Foe?

Pros of WhatsApp EcommerceCons of WhatsApp EcommerceThe Judgement WhatsApp is one of the most used and popular messaging platforms. Although acquired by Facebook, the app has gained worldwide popularity in its own right. Bringing people one step closer to each other despite their geographical distances, WhatsApp is the number one option to connect with friends, […]

How Future Payments boost e-commerce Sales on Shopify – Buy Now Pay Later

E-commerce has significantly evolved over the last few years, and the global pandemic has just added fuel to this growth. With more and more consumers, moving to online shopping, the brick and mortar stores have gradually established their virtual presence. As per the statistics, Millennials often referred to as modern shoppers, are said to do […]

Use of Influencer Marketing on the Shopify platform to boost sales

Do you want to grow your online business, build a loyal customer base, and increase your brand awareness? Well, Influence marketing is what your business needs. Collaborating with macro and micro social media influencers has become an integral part of every digital marketing strategy. Statistics show that such campaigns lead to better results, more brand […]

E-commerce Chatbots – Everything you need to know!

“Alexa, I want to buy a new Dress”, and boom you have a list of e-commerce stores at your disposal to choose from. That is how Artificial Intelligence has evolved and changed the way we use the internet not only from the consumer’s point of view but also by becoming an indispensable part of the […]

Sustainability and its Impact on E-commerce

Environmental sustainability has evolved over the years, mainly because consumers have started to realise the need to save our planet from the ill effects of global warming and climate change.In Fact, a recent survey shows that around 80% of the customers feel that the businesses should design sustainable products that are environment friendly. E-commerce has […]

Evaluating E-commerce Platforms to Suit your Organisation Needs

As the E-commerce industry is growing at a fast pace, so are the businesses evaluating their options to establish their digital presence. According to statistics, around 75% of global customers prefer to shop online. Hence, it is not a surprise to witness that more and more brick and mortar stores are transitioning into online stores. […]

Shopify 2.0 vs Shopify 1.0: How has Shopify remarkably evolved over the years?

The E-commerce industry is evolving at an increasing rate and so is the competition. Survival in this industry is only possible if one can sustain the cut-throat competition by adapting to an ever-changing environment. Understanding the need of the hour, Shopify, an e-commerce platform is gaining attraction for all the right reasons! Shopify has been […]

Top 5 Ecommerce Trends to look at in 2022 that will Boost your Sale

The world is currently experiencing a digital revolution as more and more companies are shifting their business online. Owing to this revolution partly to technological development and partly to the world pandemic situation, in any case the E-commerce industry is observing a steep growth in trends that are playing a major role in boosting sales […]

Shipping Profiles in Shopify : How you can use it to your advantage

The online selling process comprises several key elements such as User Interface, Product Guide, Payment Getaways, Shipping services, etc. These elements when they work in synchronization make up for a seamless shopping experience for the users. One such key elements of the E-commerce business model is the order shipment services. Offering free shipping rate to […]